Monday, December 22, 2008

Sunday, December 21, 2008


Christmas, what has it become? Getting presents, buying presents, wondering what to buy, the birth of Jesus, Santa, what is it to you? I so want it to be about the right thing, the birth of my wonderful Savoir, but it always ends up being about the presents or the lack there of. This year like most years we set a budget for each child. I just got out everything we bought for Alex and it seems like so little. As I sat here thinking it was not enough, I wondered how I had let the birth of my Savior become how much I had bought for my children. There are many children who would take a mom and dad that loves them over the gifts that I have bought. I am sad that I feel like it is not enough, that is not what it is about I know, but then why do I feel like I should some how do more? I hate what I have let Christmas become. I know there are many children that will only get only what is donated or nothing at all. My children have so much more than material things. I made the comment today that Christmas was a hassle, wow, that is just truly sad.

Monday, October 20, 2008

I've been Tagged

I have been tagged by Christy. I have to find 7 interesting things about myself, and find 7 people to tag. I am not sure I know 7 people she has not already tagged, but I will give it a try.

1. When I was 12 I got to ride in the Goodyear blimp, and I sat next to the pilot.

2. I can make my eyeballs shake lol.

3. I am married to my best friend, Terry was my best friend for years before we were
married. And, he still is my best friend after 10 years of marriage.

4. I Tivo Biggest Loser each week, if I am not home, and I usually eat junk food
while I watch lol.

5. I love iced coffee so much I learned how to make it at home. I have my own
espresso maker. Terry and I both have an iced coffee each morning, and it is

6. I have one child in Kindergarten and one a senior. So, I have one starting and
one finishing.

7. I collect carnival glass I have about 10 pieces(I have the set in this picture) and if I had the space and money I would have much more.

Ok now for 7 people to tag.

1. Jared (before his mom does)He is one cool teenager so it should be interesting to see what he says about himself.
2. Kristen I met here at church, and I love talking to her at Walmart lol.
3.Candy, one of my best friends in the world, she knows all of my secrets, and is always there for me. The thing is she has not blogged since July lol.
4. Mandi my new blog friend that has the same name as me. She also shared her bible study with me.
5. Kelly, we worked together at the hospital and go to church together, and she is an amazing woman.
6. Tina, I love this girl, she is amazing, I love to hear her sing, and to talk to her always blesses my soul.
I can't think of anyone else so 6 will have to do.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Give Away

Many of you know I am involved in Safe Harbor Ministries. There is a giveaway on this site. It is a study for women who have had abortions. On Melinda's site she says this "Did you know that one in every three women has had an abortion? In fact, 43% of women of child-bearing age have this secret." Wow, so think of all of the women out there hurting. So, if you are interested in getting this for our chuch, go and leave a comment and a link back. I hope some of you do this and we can get this for Safe Harbor, it would be great to win this.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Rutherford Parent

I am becoming quite the celebrity. I am in this months Rutherford Parent. This is pretty cool because it is free advertising, and I did nothing to get it. The lady from the Rutherford Parent emailed me and ask if she could interview me for the magazine. God is so good, I give Him all the credit for this, and it is not a minute too soon. We need the advertising and we do not have the money to invest in advertising right now. I love how God just works everything out. Now I just pray I get so much business I have to post on here for help lol. Don't you just love the goofy picture of me? I am not sure what was so funny, but it must have been, maybe it is the beans lol.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


When you blog you end up following stories of people you do not know. So, I do not know this family, but please pray for them. Misty lost her battle with brain cancer. If you go and read you will see an amazing love story. Darren's love for Misty and God is truly amazing.

Friday, September 19, 2008


I love that I go to a church where you can sing Pat Benatar, and line dance. It was a night of fun. I went to dinner with my bff Kitty, and not once did I tell anyone to sit down and not do that, it was wonderful. Then I got to hang with a bunch of great girls, it was a great night. I should hang with my girlfriends more often. I love that my church does these kind of things for the women, and I love that I am not working nights anymore and I got to go.